Kid Project: Birch Forest

Today I’m going to do a kids’ art project. We are making painted birch forests today! I always loved the look of birch trees. They look beautiful in all of the seasons, with their silvery bark. So, I wanted to create a birch forest inspired art project for the kids!

Project materials:

Paper (toned or white)
Chalk pastels
Acrylic paints in white and black
Table that can get very messy

First, look at photos of birch forests for inspiration. Or, if you’re lucky and live by one, walk outside and observe the colors around the birch trees. It depends a lot on the season, but there can be gold, green, blue, grey and more. These are the colors you’ll want to make your paper be at first. So cover that paper with your desired color of pastel.


Paper with pastel colors

You can also do ombre colors, which turns out very cool in the end.

Next, get some white acrylic paint and mix it with a little water until it is a pourable liquid. Hold your paper up, and use the syringe to gently squirt the white paint across your paper.

Hold the paper upright until the paint has gone to the edge of the paper. Sometimes it won’t reach the end, which is fine, too. Keep adding your birch trees across the paper.
When you have enough birch trees covering your paper, set it aside until dry.
Then, you can add details. Older kids especially like this step.
Using a fine brush, paint the black horizontal stripes that birch trees have. You can add other details, too, like shadows, speckles of paint or anything else you can come up with!
Finished painting!


And then your birch forest is done! My older daughters (12 and 14) enjoy making these, but I think 6 and up would be a good age for this project. My 3 year old enjoyed painting alongside us, though!
 Let me know if you make a birch forest. I’d love to hear how they turn out!

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