Guest Artist – How to Sculpt Clay Dragons

Hey there! Today we’ve got a guest artist here demonstrating how to make beautiful dragons from clay. I hope all of you fantasy and dragon  lovers out there enjoy this sculpting tutorial!

 Hi, this is Lina, Kimberly’s daughter. Today I will be showing you all how to make a sculpey clay dragon.  Are you ready?

Okay, first step, you have to have at least two colors of bakeable sculpey clay. I used five colors, but as long as you have two, you will be okay. Oh, and also, if you want an exact replica of mine, (which you don’t) or if you just want to make it more exciting, add some glow in the dark sculpey clay. That stuff really has a wow factor. Anyways, to the second step.

Supplies needed are in this picture:
Sculpey clay
Six nails
Liquid sculpey clay

After you have your colors, get your main color and  roll it out as seen in the picture. Taper it out at the end like a long tail. See the picture below.


Make the basic shape
Of the dragon

 Next, mold the shapes of the legs, arms and neck.

Were you would like the legs to be, pinch and draw out extra clay. Shape the legs so that they bend like lizard legs.


Poke two tiny nails into the shoulders. These will serve as anchors to hold the wings in place.


Add clay pieces to the nails, so that the wings have a top bone going across. This part shouldn’t be very long.


Next, add two nails to the wing bone, but point these nails forward. This will give the wings a very dragon-like shape.


Then, form clay around those nails and extend them a bit until they are the desired length. Once more, add nails but face them back towards the tail.
Now add spurs to the first joint. No need for nails here, just clay is sufficient.


Now, mix in some glow in the dark clay (If you like!) I do a ratio of 3:2 regular clay to glowing clay.


I also added a ball of black to darken the wings. This helps them stand out against the body. You can see the proportions I used in the picture.


Roll this mixed clay into a thin sheet. You want it to be about 1/16 of an inch thick. By placing it on the wing bones, you can see the shape it should be cut out to. Carefully cut the clay into a wing shape.


Press the wing shape onto the wing bones. Then, add a bone that bisects the wing. It should look very dragon-like already!


Okay, I have to admit this picture looks very weird, but it is actually quite harmless. I am simply putting liquid clay in the leg so I can stick a nail in it for as support. (Even describing this seems weird)

Add details to the head. You can make the face featureless, or add details. I like to add details to show their personalities.


If you like, you can make tiny scales to add texture to the dragon’s skin. Here I used a mix of the blue and the glow in the dark clays for the scales.
Keep layering the scales on. You don’t have to cover the entire body. Even a few scales placed around your dragon gives a very cool effect.


I also added some colored textured parts to my dragon.  To do this extravagant part, you must roll out a thin layer of clay, stick it on the dragon, and poke a nail in it until it looks like the picture.


And here she is! All you need to do now is bake your dragon. I baked mine for eight minutes in a toaster oven. The temperature should be at 225 Fahrenheit.


She’s very tame.


 Enjoy your new fiery friend!

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