Kid Project: Out of this World Landscapes

Start with blank watercolor paper

Ok, today we are making out of this world, crazy, outer space landscapes! This project is for older kids, I’d say 7 and up. I think middle schoolers are the perfect age for this. But younger kids can certainly paint alongside! It is so fun seeing the different planetary landscapes at the end. They all turn out so different!

You will need:

Watercolor paper


Charcoal pencil

White charcoal or colored pencil


Black tempera paint

A thick brush

Sky colors. You can go wild!

First, add a colorful gradient across the top half of your paper. Remember, in outer space skies can be very creative colors. No need to stick to blue! Use pastels and blend them together with your hands or a soft cloth.


Add a colorful gradient for the sky

Next, use your thick brush to cover the bottom half of your paper with the tempera paint. Let little bumps and overlaps stay instead of smoothing it out. These make for perfect craters and mountains later!

Adding the ground of your planet

Or, you can skip ahead to adding details like my daughter did below. Using the charcoal and stump, add planet bumps and craters. Try to remember that one side should get shadows, and the other side will get highlights at the end. Pick which side the light source should be coming from for your planet and stick to it.

Adding details to the planet ground

Next, add planets and moons to the sky. Using a white colored pencil or charcoal pencil, add highlights to one side of your shapes. This makes your planet really pop!

Add highlights
This planet looks more fun than Earth!

Your planet is complete! Hang them up and dream of life on your new creation.

Which planet would you choose?

I’d love to see any planets that you make!





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