Kid Project: A Lake Painting

Today we are doing a kid project: lake paintings! While water can be a challenge to paint and draw, it can also be very satisfactory. Kids especially,  seem drawn to artworks depicting water. I remember loving Monet’s paintings of ponds and lakes when I was a kid.

One of the trickiest parts about painting or.drawing water is getting the mirror image of the reflection just right. With this project, the mirror image is created by folding the paper on half. When you open the paper back up, your watery reflection has been made!

You can use this as a lesson for teaching mirror images and symmetry, or just as a fun art project. That’s up to you! If you homeschool and are teaching symmetry, this would be a very fun way to demonstrate it.

I would say 5 year olds and up would be able to handle this project. Older kids might like to add details at the end.

Supplies needed:

Thick paper, black or grey toned works best

Thick paintbrushes

Acrylic paint in white, blue, black and green


Fold it in half

First,  take your piece of paper and fold it in half. You can fold it vertically or horizontally.  Either way works! Open it back up.

Paint only above your fold line with sky colored paint. Make sure the paint is thick and rather wet. Quickly, before the paint can dry, fold the paper in half again and press down where you’ve painted the sky. Open it back up. You should now have the “sky” and the reflection of the sky below in the “lake”. 

If you use dark paper, you can leave a middle area blank. That will be the forest line above the water.

Paint the sky and quickly fold again

Next, add some fluffy clouds to your sky. Clouds aren’t necessarily always white. Look outside for inspiration,  if you like

Once you’ve painted your clouds, fold down and press your paper again.

You can also do a night scene and add moon and stars to your sky.

See how there is a perfect mirror image of thr moon and stars reflected below?

Now add some green right above your fold line. This represents the trees living above your lake. Fold and press again.

You can add details like birds flying the sky or lilypads floating in the lake if you’d like. Otherwise, you are done!


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