Current projects

I’m working on several art projects right now. My main project is illustrating a children’s book. But,  I am also working on a few paintings in preparation for an art show in August.

I’ve been illustrating books since 2012. I’m getting much better at the process. At first I really had no idea how to go about it. I would just start drawing the first page and hope it would all work out. Now I have steps that I go through and it makes it much easier. I first sketch out the main characters in a couple different poses until I like the way they look. Then I read through the manuscript a couple of times to get a good feeling of the mood of the book. I make a thumbnail sketch for each page, making sure to leave blank space for the text. I made the mistake of leaving no blank space with my first book and had to redo all of my work. I also learned to not put anything important close to the edges,  as it will be cut off in the final book.

Right now I am illustrating a cute book about a skeleton and my favorite color is involved. The cool thing about this book is that the author gave me the freedom to make the illustrations however I want. It’s really exciting to get this chance. I always enjoy illustrating,  but it can feel like it’s not even my work sometimes. Some authors want a particular style for their books and while I can mimic different styles, it just doesn’t feel like my art.

I have an art show coming up in August,  so I’ve been busy trying to get some paintings done before then. Above is one of my middle daughter that I have about half done.  She is a huge animal lover, so I had an idea to paint her with some of the feathers she has collected.

I also have some similar paintings of my daughters with brightly colored scarves, and I want to bring some of my sunrise paintings. Is anyone else an early bird? I love waking up early. Every morning I wake up so excited to start a new day. Maybe that’s why I love painting sunrises. And even though we live in a rather slow country town, the sunrises here are just as amazing as one you’d see on a tropical beach. So, I end up taking pictures and painting them quite often.

This is one that I started yesterday. Pre baby I would be able to finish it within a week. But with the baby? I’ll be happy to have it done in a month. Babies are a little more important than a piece of canvas!

A quick sketch in ballpoint

I have been doing the sketches for the book that I’m illustrating in ballpoint. So I did a sketch of my daughter in ballpoint a few nights ago, just for the heck of it. When I was a kid, I despised drawing with ballpoint pens! They made me very frustrated. But, I have seen some very cool artwork made with them. You don’t always need expensive tools and materials to make beautiful art!

Besides these drawings and paintings, I am working on my June life drawing challenge. I will put the first week’s drawings up here on Friday!


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