First Week of Life Drawing Challenge

Man, do I ever need this challenge! I hadn’t really stopped to think about my lack of working from life for my art. But this challenge made me stop and consider it more. I think 90% of the time I have been using photos as sources. Photos have their use for artists; there is no denying that. It’s really hard to achieve realism using life sources only. And for busy moms and dads, using photos can be much more doable than using real props or breathing models.

But, this actually made me think deeper about my art. Why do I make art? Is it fun for me anymore? What do I hope to achieve with my art?

Before I had my youngest two kids, I had lots more time to work on my art. At that point, my goal was to get as close to photo realism as possible. I worked at my technical skills, and get so frustrated when my paintings didn’t look exactly like my photo sources.

That has changed. I read once about the bakeries in Paris during the 1800s. The book said that the bakers were shirtless, and the ovens were very hot. So inevitably their sweat, grime, ashes (you know they were smokers!) and who knows what else would get mixed into the dough. They literally put a bit of themselves in their loaves.

That’s how I want my art to be. Not just a copy of a photograph. It might look like I’m regressing in my art skills, but I’m alright with that if I can make real art. The art I made when I was a kid and didn’t care at all if it looked like a photograph.

Anyhoo, here are my drawings from the first week:


Please send me your drawings, if anyone wants to join me! My email is


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