The end of summer and beginning of school

I finished illustrating a fun skeleton book last month, have almost finished a flowery watercolor book and am preparing to begin a book about athletic animals from A to Z. Each one is quite different, and it makes it interesting to move from one subject and style to the next.

I have been thinking about how different my oil paintings are from my illustrative work. It seems that some things in life are good for you, but take more brain or will power. Things like eating healthfully, exercising, learning new things. For me the things in this category are making sure I do some sort of aerobic exercise, trying not to eat too much chocolate and reading fiction books. My oil paintings fall in this category, as well. They are more work, they take long to finish (especially lately) but I know I learn a lot from pushing myself to complete each one.

Illustration is in my easy, more enjoyable category. I can just sketch out an idea on paper, and a few minutes later have the paint flowing. It is so nice to have the two types of art to balance things out. As all life should be: a balancing act.

Roses in pink
My happy frogs
Watercolor Dahlias

What is your easy style of art that you make to relax? Do you have a style that requires more of your energy?


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